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4-H Poultry - Other Publications

4-H Poultry Manual - Unit One is a production guide for the beginning 4-H poultry producer.

4-H Poultry Manual - Unit Two is a production guide for the more advanced 4-H poultry producer.

The Home Flock is the basic management guide for raising backyard poultry flocks.

Culling Hens describes the process used to eliminate non-producing laying hens from the flock.

Brooding Chickens and Quail is an information sheet that addresses the basic principles of brooding chicks until they can fend for themselves.

Avian Embryo discusses the creation of life process for the chick from conception, through egg formation and embryo development, and hatching of the chick. Information is also available for preparing several classroom experiments and exhibits.

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Filed Under: Youth Poultry, Poultry, Avian Flu August 17, 2015

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Almost 200 4-H members are planning to compete in the poultry project during the 2015 Mississippi State Fair in October.

Jessica Wells, a poultry science instructor with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said organizers are limiting each exhibitor to visual presentations and just one bird for showmanship.

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