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Coastal Research & Extension Center

The Coastal Research and Extension Center is Mississippi State University’s “southern exposure,” linking residents of the coastal region to the university. The center’s mission is to conduct research and education programs aimed at developing a better understanding and use of renewable and nonrenewable resources in south Mississippi. Its applied research and educational programs with biological, physical and social systems focus on enhancing the quality of life of residents of Mississippi and other Gulf states.

Counties served include: Clarke, Covington, Forrest, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson Davis, Jones, Kemper, Lamar, Lauderdale, Marion, Neshoba, Newton, Pearl River, Perry, Stone, and Wayne.

MSU Mailstop:
Mailing Address:
1815 Popps Ferry Rd
Biloxi , MS
Physical Address:
1815 Popps Ferry Rd
Biloxi , Mississippi


Name Job Title Email
Ms. Brianna Michelle Andrews Extension Program Assistant
Dr. Gary R. Bachman Extension/Research Professor
Ms. Pamela M. Clevenger Extension Associate I
Dr. Christine E. Coker Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Ms. Renee Collini Extension Associate III
Ms. Doris Irene Cycyk Office Associate
Dr. James M. DelPrince Assistant Extension Professor
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Dikes Business Manager I
Dr. James Marcus Drymon Assistant Extension Professor
Ms. Tiare Fridrich Intermittent Worker
Ms. Jessica Gooch Intermittent Worker
Ms. Sierra Lynn Greene Intermittent Worker
Ms. Elizabeth Carambat Hall Contracts & Grants Assistant
Ms. Mikaela C Heming Extension Associate I
Dr. James Emery Henderson Professor and Head
Ms. Genevieve Ivec Intermittent Worker
Mr. Matthew Bernard Jargowsky Extension Program Associate
Ms. Amanda E. Jefferson Extension Associate I
Mr. Aaron Macy Extension Program Associate
Mr. Aleksandris Reinis Margerison Intermittent Worker
Ms. Sara Elizabeth Martin Extension Associate I
Ms. Monica Jordan Montano Intermittent Worker
Ms. Gillian Melissa Palino Intermittent Worker
Dr. Wayne Porter Senior Extension Associate
Dr. Ben Posadas Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Ms. Alyssa E. Rodolfich Extension Program Assistant
Ms. Loren Elena Roman-Nunez Intermittent Worker
Ms. Amanda Nicole Sartain Extension Program Associate
Ms. Emily Seubert Extension Program Associate
Ms. Jennifer Smith Events Coordinator
Dr. Eric L. Sparks Assistant Extension Professor
Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne Extension/Research Professor
Ms. Emily Carole Stolz Intermittent Worker
Mr. Shaun M. Tanger Assistant Professor
Ms. Sonia Marie Vedral Extension Associate I
Mr. Matthew Finley Virden Extension Program Assistant
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