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Container Gardening

Containers Give Options for Gardening in Small Spaces

Container gardening is available to anybody in Mississippi who has sunlight and a source of water. Containers are vessels that will stand upright, keep growing media from washing away, and allow water to leave the vessel from the bottom. Small pots and cans that hold a quart or more can grow herbs, radishes, lettuce, strawberries, and other small plants. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, and other large plants need a container that will hold 5 gallons or more. Old ice chests, bathtubs, barrels, and other large containers can support several plants.

Containers should be filled with a high organic-matter mix. Blend compost, peat moss, or other organic material with sand. The sand helps with drainage and provides weight for stability. Organic or man-made fertilizers supply needed nutrients. Water is the most limiting factor in container gardening because plant roots are restricted. Container gardens often need to be watered twice on hot summer days.

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