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IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: A new development in the Yazoo Flood Project. The Corps of Engineers says the pumps can be built. But environmentalists have filed suit to stop construction. We’ve got reaction. In our Southern Gardening segment, looking for a fun AND tasty garden project? Gary Bachman says, 'Try microgreens!' Also, a lot happening in the markets these days -- Zac Ashmore has a panel of experts to sort it all out! And in our feature, a rising tide? The fishing industry is in need of some good news. Will it be reeled in soon...or not?

IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: A first look at how the incoming president may deal with trade issues. Plus…before we get further into 2021, a heart-warming story about how Christmas finally came for those who actually SELL the trees. In our Southern Gardening segment, it’s “Frosty Color” (not all flowers die away with the winter chill!). And…a unique partnership as Iowa farmers become better at conservation, helping clear up the Mississippi River downstream.

As we start the new year, we pay tribute to a former Mississippi tree-farming governor with a special report from former Farmweek anchor Leighton Spann. Plus, speaking of tree farmers, we make an encore visit to the 2020 Tree Farmer of the Year. In our Southern Gardening segment—deep in the heart of winter—these plants can still add a splash of color. And traditional meats were hit hard by COVID-19, but there's room for optimism in ANOTHER meat market.

While many of us enjoy our holiday meals, one group is making sure others won't go without. In Southern Gardening, they call it the “Great Mississippi Tea Company” -- during these chilly holidays, it’s an alternative to coffee. Plus, walnuts bring back memories—and they're big business for one company in Missouri. And finally—before we celebrate New Year's Eve—one of the main ingredients in craft brewing is also one of the most popular. Merry Christmas! 

We start with a story on agritourism—a family favorite in more ways than one. In Southern Gardening, now that Christmas is over, Gary's showcasing a poinsettia revival. Plus, we have the rest of the story on a bacteria that might be making a comeback (some folks are concerned). And finally, the conclusion of our behind-the-scenes story on Bull Bottom Farms. Enjoy the show! 

IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: It's called La Niña, a weather pattern that's a cause for concern in much of the nation. Plus, a man with a familiar face is chosen to lead the USDA once again. 

IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: As we approach the end of a stressful year, millions are looking for help putting food on the table. Plus, the EPA misses a deadline—which COULD affect what happens in the new year. In Southern Gardening, what gardener doesn't love the perfect gift idea for Christmas? 

IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: Overtime for ag workers in Washington state could raise prices across the board. Plus, a new ag lending survey says only half of farmers will be profitable this year. In Southern Gardening, it's the color of Christmas, but Gary says red isn't the ONLY thing you'll see in poinsettias. 

IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: It's the Great Pumpkin! We're just a few days from Thanksgiving—and a second look at a favorite holiday food . And speaking of seasonal treats—how WILL Thanksgiving shape up in the age of COVID-19? Zac Ashmore has that story. In Southern Gardening, Gary takes a “He-Said Tree-Sheds” approach. But don't worry, its bark is worse than its blight. And we continue our 3-part series on land conservation in the Gulf States with part two: "To Better Our Community."

IN THIS EPISODE OF FARMWEEK: We begin a 3-part series on land conservation in the Gulf states. Part one? “It's a Journey!” In Southern Gardening, Gary showcases plants with resilient color—that AREN'T quite ready to give up the fight! Plus… in the wake of the presidential election—the impact on both the House and Senate ag committees. And beyond Congress, how the election affects a number of ballot measures nationwide. Enjoy the show!