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Woodland Garden

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May 16, 2024

Wooded areas in the landscape can make a great woodland garden. Today Southern Gardening is in Tupelo, MS admiring Dale Smith’s backyard woodland garden. Let’s take a look! Entering the woodland garden pathway you are greeted by a charming Japanese Black Pine. It is a striking evergreen tree native to coastal areas of Japan and Korea. It is known for its distinctive, dark green needles and rugged, picturesque appearance. Moving along the path way, wild geraniums are blooming. They are native perennial wildflowers found throughout much of North America and are known for their delicate, pale to deep pink or lavender flowers and deeply lobed leaves. The next eye-catching beauty on the pathway is a clump of Virgina Bluebells. They are herbaceous perennials native to eastern North America and are prized for their clusters of bell-shaped, sky-blue flowers, which create a stunning display in the woodland garden. Variegated Solomon’s Seal is another beauty along the pathway. It has bright green foliage with white edges, maroon tinged stems, and dangling white bell-shaped flowers. This shade-loving plant typically blooms from April to June and attracts bees and butterflies. Also throughout the woodland garden, there are several varieties of columbine plants with unique and colorful blooms that are attractive to pollinators and humming birds. Consider transforming a wooded area in your landscape into a magical woodland garden. I am Eddie Smith, and I will see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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