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Herb Combo Containers

May 19, 2019

Now’s a great time to be growing herbs in containers.  Let me share some ideas for thriller, filler and spiller combination herb containers.  For Combo #1, Curry Plant is the thriller with its wooly, silver gray needle-like aromatic foliage that are great with egg dishes. The filler is the mounding Spicy Globe basil having a pleasant spicy scent and flavor and perfect for tomato recipes. And the spiller is Creeping Rosemary with scented bluish green needle-like foliage sprawling over the container edge. Combo #2 has a fruity theme, and the thriller is Lemon Grass and it does thrill in Thai dishes with its lemony hints of ginger flavor. Lemon Basil is the filler. The lemon scented foliage is a great accent for fish or poultry dishes. The spiller is Pineapple Mint with a delicate pineapple scent and foliage having creamy variegation and edges. For Combo #3, upright Rosemary is a thrilling plant with wonderfully aromatic foliage that’s fantastic in stews and baked dishes. Purple Sage is the filler with textured foliage that emerges a handsome reddish-purple and is great in sausage or stuffing recipes. The spiller is English Thyme. The aromatic gray-green leaves are wonderful with poultry dishes and an essential part of herb bundles called bouquet garni.  Making combo herb containers is an attractive way to open a whole new world in the garden and kitchen.  I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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