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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P2665 4-H Shooting Sports Journal Shooting Sports January 29, 2016
P2679 Selecting Landscape Trees With Special Comments on Invasive and Native Plants Landscape and Garden Design, Invasive Plants October 2, 2018
P2657 Breaking Down Soil Compaction: Does It Increase Forage Production? Soils, Soil Health, Forages November 3, 2016
P2660 Using the Internet To Find a Job Community, Technology, Family Financial Management March 30, 2017
P2662 What Is Salt Killed Wood? Forestry December 8, 2015
P2666 Recycling Your Old Computer Technology, Family, Environment March 30, 2017
P2668 Buying a Home Computer: Finding the Best Fit for You Technology, Family December 8, 2015
P2667 Couponing Online: using your computer to save money Technology, Family, Family Financial Management March 30, 2017
P2675 Providing Assistance at Calving Livestock, Beef June 22, 2018
P2676 Agritourism in Mississippi: Effects and Impacts Agriculture, Agri-tourism September 16, 2016
P2681 Embryo Transfer in the Beef Herd Beef January 12, 2016
P2682 Embryo Transfer in the Dairy Herd Livestock, Dairy August 9, 2018
P2690 Purple Coneflowers for the Mississippi Gardener Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens December 11, 2015
P2694 Controlling Mold Growth when Cleaning Flooded or Rain-Wetted Homes Disaster Response, Wood Products September 23, 2015
P2704 The Economic Impact of Agriculture and Forestry Production and Processing on Mississippi: An Input-Output Analysis Agriculture, Forestry December 11, 2015
P2659 A Landowner's Guide for Wild Pig Management Practical Methods for Wild Pig Control Swine, Nuisance Wildlife and Damage Management September 21, 2016
5778 Head Gates Agriculture September 17, 2014
IS1204 Safe Food in a Hurry Food, Food Safety, Nutrition December 22, 2014
IS1141 Landscaping To Conserve Energy Landscape Design and Management September 6, 2017
E0039 2009 County Cotton Demonstration Trials Cotton August 13, 2015