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Farmer Florists and Wedding Consultations

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Farmer florists and cut-flower growers who also create and retail floral designs must understand the process and importance of conducting an organized wedding floral design consultation. This initial meeting is the foundation of the entire process of selling, designing, delivering, and installing wedding flowers because it opens a pathway for communication and helps keep the activity orderly and profitable.

Many flower farmers operate farm-based floral design businesses. This may involve those who deliver a few arrangements per year to those who are sought after for events and weddings. The service of designing and selling wedding flowers is a natural outcome of growing flowers. This is how the florist business came into being—growers catering to client requests for floral decorations used in homes and for events. People become involved with flowers because they have an affinity for creative design and find it rewarding.

Floral design service can be burdensome to some, yet pleasing to others. Wedding floral sales can be enjoyable and profitable if the florist is able to guide the client through a professional consultation that results in decisions that help all stakeholders, including the wedding couple, farmer florist, celebrants, and wedding guests. A wedding floral sales consultation is unique and involves dialogue between the florist and consumer. Ideally, clients will receive value-filled, beautiful designs, and the farmer florist will create profitable designs that showcase the farm’s best flowers.

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