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Mississippi Land Stewards (previously REACH)

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REACH provides coordination and support for documenting the benefits of conservation efforts in agriculture and training in natural resource conservation.

Target Audience(s):

Landowners and producers, agricultural and natural resource professionals


Participants will:

  • Gain awareness of natural resource concerns regarding water, soil, and wildlife;
  • Gain awareness of what conservation practices are and their application to address resource concerns; and
  • Gain awareness of methods to assess ecosystem services that support production systems.

Total Number of Modules or Sessions: 1-2

Total Number of Hours for Program Delivery: 3-4

Program Delivery:

  • Demonstration
  • Educational Video (Online or DVD)
  • Newsletter
  • Numbered Extension Publication
  • Social Media
  • Technical Assistance
  • Webinar
  • Workshop

Primary Contact:

Dr. Beth Baker,


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Portrait of Dr. Beth Harlander Baker
Associate Extension Professor