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Planting Dates

Warm Season Legumes Planting Dates
Alyceclover May - June
Lezpedeza>Korean February - March
Striate February - March
Cowpea April - July
Perennial Peanut January - March
Sericea Lezpedeza March - May
Soybean May - June
Velvetbean February - March

Cool Season Legumes Planting Dates
Alfalfa August - September
Arrowleaf Clover September - November
Ball Clover August - October
Berseem Clover August - October
Birdsfoot Trefoil August - September
Black Medic September - October
Button Clover September - October
Caley Pea September - October
Chicory September - October
Crimson Clover August - October
Large/Small Hop Clover September
Lappa Clover September - October
Persian Clover September - October
Red Clover September - October
Rose Clover September - October
Southern Burclover September - October
Subterranean Clover August
Sweetclover March - April
Vetch September - October
White Clover September - October
Winter Pea September - October

Cool Season Grasses Planting Dates
Annual Ryegrass September - October
Orchardgrass August - September
Matua Bromegrass August - September
Reed Canarygrass August - September
Small Grains August - September
Tall Fescue September - October

Warm Season Grasses Planting Dates
Bahiagrass March - April
Bermudagrass February - April
Big Bluestem March - May
Browntop Millet April - July
Carpetgrass March - April
Cuacasian Bluestem May
Crabgrass March - May
Dallisgrass March - April
Eastern Grammagrass April - May
Foxtail Millet May - July
Johnsongrass April -
Pearl Millet April - May and June - July
Sorghum May - June
Sudangrass May - June
Switchgrass March - August
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