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Alyceclover (Alysicarpus vaginalis)

Plant Characteristics: This annual legume is not usually considered a true clover. It is characterized by thin stems with rounded leaves and pink flowers in a spike.

Establishment: Alyceclover does not compete well with weeds, it is recommended to plant between April 15 and June 30 in a cleared and tilled bed at a rate of 15 to 20 lb/ac at 1/4" depth. Alyceclover is better adapted to well-drained soils of the Gulf Coast area. Alyce has a slow establishment and can be planted in mixtures of sorghum, buckwheat, cowpea or vetch.

Fertilization: Nitrogen is not required. Tolerant to soil acidity but an optimum pH of 6.2 is recommended to optimize nutrient availability. Lime is recommended and should be applied every 2-3 years to maintain the pH. Fertilize with 60 lbs. of phosphate and potash per acre.

Grazing/Hay Management: could be used for pasture of hay. Grazing should begin when plants are 12-15 inches and leaving 3-inch stubble. Hay can be harvested between 18-24 inches.

Forage Quality: highly nutritive

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