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When should sweet corn be planted?

Sweet corn should be planted as early in the spring as possible. Whenever soil temperatures approach 68º F, seed should be planted 1 inch deep. Waiting for warmer soil temperatures will increase the chances for a better stand, but planting as early as possible will pay dividends at the end of the growing seasons. Early planted sweet corn will mature before the corn ear worm population becomes very large. Late planted sweet corn will have serious problems with corn ear worm infestations. Supersweet (sh-2) types do not emerge as well as the other types in cold soil.

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Close-up view of an ear of field corn encased in brown husk ready for harvest.
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Field corn is harvested after it has dried sufficiently, which means the husks are brown, not green like the husks of fresh sweet corn. (Photo by Kevin Hudson)

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MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Just as Good Friday signals the time to get the spring garden in the ground, August's heat is the indication that it's time to plant the fall garden.

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By Norman Winter
MSU Horticulturist
Central Mississippi Research & Extension Center

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