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How do you grow green beans in Mississippi?

Green beans are most commonly grown as a spring crop. The crop develops best in temperature around 70º F. Water requirements are high and fertility requirements are also high. Seed are placed 1 to 2 inches deep and 1 inch apart in 40 inch rows for bush type beans for mechanical harvest. A wider spacing (6 inches apart) is used for hand harvested bush beans. Pole beans are often hill planted on 6 to 10 foot centers with 5 or 6 seeds per hill. Pods are harvested when the largest pods are at the maximum diameter for the processors specifications. Hand harvested beans are picked when they reach the desired size. Pole beans have a less concentrated bloom period and are harvested over longer intervals.

The major limiting factor is the unfortunate occurrence of warm periods during January and February.

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Filed Under: Greens, Peas and Beans January 6, 2003

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Most gardens look dead in the winter as gardeners wait for spring to put in their crops, but these plots can come alive in January with fresh vegetables for the table.

David Nagel, horticulture specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said mid- to late-January is the time to plant peas and greens.

"Mississippi gardeners don't plant peas nearly as much as they used to, but these vegetables thrive in our climate," Nagel said.

Filed Under: Other Vegetables, Peas and Beans, Sweet Corn, Tomato Pepper and Eggplant, Vegetable Gardens August 6, 2001

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Just as Good Friday signals the time to get the spring garden in the ground, August's heat is the indication that it's time to plant the fall garden.

David Nagel, horticulture specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said now is the time to plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, sweet corn, peas and beans.

"Summer gardens typically wind down in early August when the temperatures start being consistently above 95 degrees," Nagel said. "That's when you clean the garden out and plant the fall garden."


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Beans: Pantry Staples, Nutrition Stars

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