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Portrait of Dr. Sherry Bell Surrette
Assoc Extension Prof & Head

Your Extension Experts

Professor and Head
Portrait of Mr. Bill Hamrick
Senior Extension Associate
Wildlife & Fisheries
Portrait of Dr. Jeffrey W. Harris
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Portrait of Dr. Brandi Bourg Karisch
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Beef Cattle, Nutrition, Management, Health
Portrait of Dr. Wes Neal
Extension/Research Professor
Fisheries Extension
Portrait of Dr. Jane Parish
Professor & Head & Int Head
Beef cattle
Portrait of Ms. Leyla Rios de Alvarez
Assistant Professor
Portrait of Dr. Brady Self
Associate Extension Professor
Hardwood Silviculture Forest Herbicides
Portrait of Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne
Extension/Research Professor
Fruit Crops
Portrait of Dr. Bronson Strickland
Extension Professor
Wildlife Management
Portrait of Mr. Curtis L. VanderSchaaf
Assistant Professor