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Portrait of Dr. James Emery Henderson
Professor and Head
Forest Economics and Management

Your Extension Experts

Portrait of Dr. Christine E. Coker
Extension/Research Professor
Urban Horticulture Vegetables Green Roofs Food Systems
Portrait of Dr. James Marcus Drymon
Assistant Extension Professor
Portrait of Ms. Libby Suzanne Durst
Extension Associate II
Professor and Head
Portrait of Dr. Jeffrey W. Harris
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Portrait of Dr. Brandi Bourg Karisch
Assoc Extension/Research Prof
Beef Cattle, Nutrition, Management, Health
Professor and Head
Portrait of Dr. Thiago Martins
Assistant Professor
Portrait of Ms. Leyla Rios de Alvarez
Assistant Professor
Portrait of Dr. Brady Self
Associate Extension Professor
Hardwood Silviculture Forest Herbicides
Portrait of Dr. Eric L. Sparks
Assc Extension Prof & Director
coastal conservation and restoration, living shorelines, marine debris, environmental stewards
Portrait of Dr. Eric Stafne
Extension/Research Professor
Fruit Crops
Portrait of Dr. Curtis L. VanderSchaaf
Assistant Professor
Portrait of Dr. Jessica Benoit Wells
Asst Clinical/Ext Professor