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What are Mississippi's freeze dates?

Data taken from national weather service offices, cooperative observers, and selected Mississippi State University experiment stations through the years have provided the following table. The table lists the chance of occurrence or probability that a freeze will occur by a certain date. For example, at Charleston, in the upper delta, there is a 10 percent chance that a freeze will occur by October 18th...and a 90 percent chance by November 12.

Mississippi fall freeze dates at selected probability levels:

Charleston 10/18 10/30 11/12
Clarksdale 10/28 11/11 11/24
Cleveland 10/22 11/02 11/14
Rosedale 10/25 11/05 11/16
Batesville 10/14 10/27 11/08
Hernando 10/28 11/07 11/18
Holly Springs 10/08 10/22 11/05
Ole Miss 10/07 10/22 11/07
Water Valley 10/18 10/30 11/11
Booneville 10/18 10/31 11/14
Corinth 10/12 10/26 11/10
Tupelo 10/11 10/25 11/08
Belzoni 10/21 10/25 11/22
Greenville 10/27 11/12 11/28
Greenwood 10/24 11/09 11/25
Moorhead 10/21 11/04 11/19
Stoneville 10/25 11/08 11/22
Yazoo City 10/20 11/06 11/24
Canton 10/14 10/29 11/13
Eupora 10/13 10/27 11/09
Forest 10/19 11/01 11/15
Jackson 10/23 11/07 11/27
Kosciusko 10/16 11/01 11/17
Pickens 10/15 10/27 11/08
Aberdeen 10/21 11/01 11/12
Columbus 10/15 10/29 11/11
Houston 10/10 10/25 11/09
Kipling 10/14 10/27 11/08
Philadelphia 10/16 10/30 11/13
State University 10/28 11/09 11/20
Brookhaven 10/28 10/31 11/15
Liberty 10/23 11/05 11/18
Natchez 10/27 11/14 12/02
Port Gibson 10/20 11/02 11/14
Vicksburg 10/29 11/18 12/08
Woodville 10/27 11/14 12/03
Collins 10/23 11/05 11/18
Columbia 10/22 11/06 11/21
Monticello 10/22 11/04 11/18
Tylertown 10/23 11/08 11/25
Bay Springs 10/27 11/10 11/25
Hattiesburg 10/24 11/08 11/23
Laurel 10/29 11/13 11/28
Meridian 10/19 11/03 11/17
Newton 10/18 10/31 11/13
Russell 10/23 11/05 11/19
Bay St. Louis 11/10 12/05 12/29
Biloxi 11/08 11/30 12/22
Gulfport 11/07 11/26 12/16
Picayune 10/26 11/14 12/04
Poplarville 11/01 11/21 12/11
Wiggins 10/24 11/12 12/02


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A closed boll is seen on a cotton plant growing in a field.
Filed Under: Agricultural Economics, Cotton September 15, 2017

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Rain, cool weather, more rain and some wind have slowed cotton maturation, but since the crop was a little behind schedule, the damage may be less than if harvest were already underway.

Darrin Dodds, cotton specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said recent weather is causing some yield loss, but it is hard to estimate how much.

“Being late to a degree helped the crop because rain did not string out open cotton, but given that we are running out of heat, we may have been better off with an earlier crop that had been defoliated and was standing up when the rain came,” Dodds said.

Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corp. representative Mike Mullendore checks one of the cone-shaped traps located near a Mississippi State University research field on June 27, 2017. The traps evolved from U.S. Department of Agriculture research at the Robey Wentworth Harned Laboratory, commonly known as the Boll Weevil Research Lab at MSU. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Linda Breazeale)
Filed Under: Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests August 24, 2017

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Cotton will always have challenges, but few of them will ever compare to the boll weevils that thrived in Mississippi from 1904 until 2009.

“It is nearly impossible for this younger generation of consultants, scouts and growers to understand how hard boll weevils were to control and how much boll weevil control hurt beneficial insects and complicated cotton management,” said Will McCarty, who served as the Mississippi State University Extension Service cotton specialist during “the boll weevil wars.”

Award-winning farmer Paul Good examines cotton growing in Noxubee County during a Mississippi State University field tour on July 12, 2017. Good said he remembers a time when farmers did not grow cotton in the area, mostly because of boll weevils. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Linda Breazeale)
Filed Under: Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests August 24, 2017

MACON, Miss. -- Farmers' independent natures make them strong, but when agricultural producers join forces, they can take success to the next level.

Darrin Dodds, cotton specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, commended Mississippi farmers for their efforts to unite in the battle to eradicate boll weevils from the state.

“Historically, boll weevils were the prime pest in cotton fields. To control them, it took numerous pesticide applications,” he said. “Those treatments were costly and ate into the growers’ profit margins.”

Dark clouds move toward Mississippi State University soybean and corn plots at the R.R. Foil Plant Science Research Center in Starkville, Mississippi, on Aug. 17, 2017. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Linda Breazeale)
Filed Under: Cotton, Grains, Rice, Soybeans August 18, 2017

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Mississippi’s row crops have had enough rain, and most fields just need sunshine.

Erick Larson, grain crops specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said corn is mature and will gain no benefit from additional moisture. In the first couple of weeks of August, skies were overcast or rain was falling across most of the state.

Cotton across the state has been struggling with excess rainfall but remains in good shape at this point in the season. This cotton was growing in a saturated field June 22, 2017, at Mississippi State University in Starkville. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Kevin Hudson)
Filed Under: Cotton June 23, 2017

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Tropical Storm Cindy did not help the state's cotton crop that struggled with cool and wet weather all spring.

Darrin Dodds, cotton specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said in mid-June, cotton received about a week of the heat and sun it needs to thrive. Weather before that was not ideal, and rain remains in the forecast.


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