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Thinking about a health or science career?

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The Rural Medical & Science Scholars program, formerly known as Rural Medical Scholars, is an exciting summer opportunity for academically talented high school students between their junior and senior years. The program will continue to focus on “growing local docs” but will offer additional experiences to help broaden a knowledge base in STEM careers and opportunities in the healthcare field.

  • Talented students from across the state will be given the opportunity to attend Mississippi State University during second term summer school (July 7–August 3), where they will take two pre-­‐med courses (biology and individual/family nutrition), shadow physicians, and participate in practical learning activities designed for a career in medicine, other health-­‐related disciplines, or STEM areas. Will you be one of those students?

The program fee of $2,400 includes: program application fee, tuition (which is reduced through the MSU College Ready Program), housing, and textbooks. Food costs and weekend travel expenses are variable and not included in the program fee. Students’ financial situations should not prevent them from applying to the program; limited scholarships are available. The program application is available online at

You must have a minimum composite ACT score of 24 to be considered for this academically challenging program. Completing seven college credits in summer school requires a serious effort on the part of Scholars. Two days of orientation filled with interactive workshops and activities will kick off the program prior to the start of classes.

To learn more about the Rural Medical & Science Scholars program, visit Your school counselor and MSU Extension agent will have information, as well. Call or email the program director, Ms. Ann Sansing, at (662) 325-­‐4043 or if you have questions or need more information.

What role will you play in Mississippi’s future? Are you one of our aspiring physicians? Or do you have an interest in another health-­‐related or STEM career? The Rural Medical & Science Scholars program will help ensure a strong and passionate workforce for the long-­‐term goals of improving access to healthcare and improving Mississippi’s science-­‐based economy.


The Mississippi State University Extension Service, MSU’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the State Office of Rural Health and Primary Care at the Mississippi State Department of Health are gratefully acknowledged for their support of this program.

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