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How often should I mow?

Mow often enough so that you remove only one-third of what is there. Each grass has a height it does best. Bermudagrasses should be maintained at about 1 inch. Mow whenever the grass in 1.5 inches tall. This may mean every second or third day on bermudagrasses in June. St. Augustinegrass should be maintained at 3 inches, so mow whenever the grass is 4.5 inches tall.

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Man mowing grass.
Filed Under: Turfgrass and Lawn Management March 22, 2024

It’s spring, meaning things are starting to grow! The “spring transition,” when grasses go from dormant to active, is in full swing this month.

Annual bluegrass weed.
Filed Under: Lawn and Garden, Turfgrass and Lawn Management January 5, 2024

The new year is a great time to start learning about topics you don’t know much about.

Soil testing boxes full of soil waiting to be tested.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Soils, Soil Acidity, Soil Fertility, Soil Health, Soil Testing, Lawn and Garden, Turfgrass and Lawn Management September 21, 2023

Early fall is one of the best times to test your soil. A soil test can tell you if your lawn or garden needs critical nutrients and how much. This way, your plants and your wallet will stay healthy. You won’t waste your money applying fertilizer or lime that your plants don’t need.

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