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Alt description for snake blog April 24, 2018

Pit viper has a flat, triangular head, facial pit; vertical pupil, a single row of scales under end of tail.

Other snakes are usually oval, elongated head; no pit; round pupil; and a double row of scales under end of tail.

The coral snake is an exception to the other snakes of the United States, because it has round pupils and an elliptical head, but it is quite venomous. While the pit viper venom reduces the amount of oxygen carried by a victim’s red blood cells, a coral snake has venom that rapidly affects the nervous system. The small mouth of the coral snake has trouble grasping and biting the larger human; however, the effect is more deadly than the pit viper once a bite is accomplished!


Venomous snake, Coral snake (markings are red - white - black - white) - Other than markings, resembles nonvenomous snakes.

Nonvenomous snake, Scarlet king snake (markings are red - black - white - black - red)

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