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Agriculture Disaster Recovery Center Planning P

A Planning P is a tool used to depict the stages in a planning process. Its steps start at the bottom of the P’s stem, which includes these stages:

Initial Response

  • Incident occurs.
  • Response and recovery process begins.
  • Ag damage assessments are reported to the ESF 11/Extension county coordinator.
  • ESF 11/Extension county coordinator reports to the emergency operations center (EOC) and delivers results of damage assessment.
  • County recovery efforts begin.

The next stage starts at the bottom left of the P’s round section and continues clockwise. Arrows indicate that the steps in this stage are repeated as necessary.

Information-Gathering and Sharing

  • Command staff requests the ESF 11/Extension county coordinator to plan and open ag DRC.
  • Decide appropriate timeframe for operation of ag DRC.
  • Find available venue for ag DRC (examples: MSU Extension office, agricenter, or multipurpose building).
  • Create flyers announcing the dates and times for the ag DRC.
  • Invite citizens, supporting agencies, elected officials, and associations.
  • Coordinate distribution of flyers and express the need for media release through the county EOC.
  • Set room for ag DRC with appropriate number of workstations and meeting areas.
  • Welcome and sign in supporting agencies 1 hour before the opening of the ag DRC.
  • Welcome, describe the flow of the room, and provide sign-in sheets for those seeking assistance.
  • Close ag DRC at the announced time.
  • Evaluate the need for future openings of ag DRC.
  • Report effectiveness and evaluation of needs to the local EOC.

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