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4-H Newsletter - Tishomingo County

Tishomingo County Fair: October 8-12, 2019

Concession Stand at the Fair

Any volunteers who would be willing to assist with the concession stand at the 2019 Tishomingo County Fair, please contact us as soon as possible so we can put together a schedule. The concession stand involves a great deal of work from everyone, but please remember that this is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Please keep in mind that it is because of the concession stand each year the we have most of our funds to provide programs and assistance to 4-H members participating in events. It is very important that parents and volunteers assist with the concession stand at least one night during the fair. Youth may also assist with things such as keeping the tables sanitary and pulling the trash. Please call the Extension Office no later than September 30 to sign up! The concession stand will be open Thursday, October 10 through Saturday, October 12 this year.

Fair Exhibits

Fair exhibits are to be brought to the fairgrounds on Monday, October 7 from 8 AM-7 PM. Additionally, exhibits can be brought to the Fairgrounds Thursday, October 3 or Friday, October 4 from 8 AM-5 PM. The exhibit list is included in this newsletter. Baked goods are to be brought in on Tuesday, October 8 from 8-9 AM. All exhibits will be judged on Tuesday, October 8, and the ribbons will be placed as soon as judging is finished. Each exhibit is judged on its own merit and will receive a blue, red, or white sticker. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded in each category. These winners will receive a ribbon and a $10, $5, or $3 premium. You may enter one exhibit per lot (number on the exhibit list).

Upcoming Events

  • A Dog Club interest meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 1 at 5:30 PM at Blue Springs Park Community Building in Belmont. Anyone interested in participating in the club is encouraged to attend. The first club meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 15 at 3:30 PM at Blue Springs Park.
  • The Arts & Crafts Club meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 16 at 4 PM at the Extension Office.
  • The Cooking Club meeting will be held on Thursday, October 17 at 4 PM at the Extension Office.
  • The grilling class will be on Tuesday, October 22 at 4 PM at the Fairgrounds.
  • Our monthly Cloverbud meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 23 at 4 PM at the Extension Office.
  • The Sewing Club meeting will be on Monday, October 28 at 3:30 PM at the Extension Office.

Text Notification Reminders

To sign up to receive reminders about upcomin events, text @tishco4-h (in the message area) to 81010 (in the recipient box).

State Fair

The State Fair will be October 2-12. To learn about State Fair activities, visit State Fair is listed on the 4-H Youth page. If you see any events that you are interested in participating in, please call our office as soon as possible.

2019 Tishomingo County Fair Photography Contest Rules and Regulations

All photos must be turned in between 8 AM and 7 PM on Monday, October 7, 2019 at the Fairgrounds.
1. The contest is open only to Tishomingo County residents. There is a youth (under 18 years old) and an adult division (18 years and older). Premiums will be paid in each division.
2. This competition is for AMATEUR photographers only. For the purpose of the competition, professionals are defined as those who sell their work, or who are employed as photographers or teachers of photography.
3. All photos must be the original work of the exhibitor. Copyrighted images are not permitted.
4. Photos may be taken with a digital or 35mm camera.
5. All photos must be 8”x10” in size.
6. All photos must be mounted on a 10”x12” piece of black foam board which may be found at Walmart and other stores in the area.
7. Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of 2 total entries.
8. The categories are as follows:

  • People: Photo including one or more person(s).
  • Pets, Animals, and/or Wildlife: Shall include one or more animal(s).
  • Nature: May include landscapes, skyscapes, waterscapes, horticulture, etc.
  • Action: Should show action such as football, baseball, soccer, running, skiing, dancing, auto-racing, etc.
  • Black & White: All photos must be black and white in this category. All black and white photos must be entered in the Black & White category.

All photos deemed inappropriate by fair management will be disqualified and not displayed.
Premiums: $20 for First Place in each category and $50 to one overall winner.

Poultry Chain Information for County Fair

If you’re participating in the poultry chain project, it’s getting close to time to display your chickens at the county fair. All poultry chain chickens will arrive at the fairgrounds on Monday, October 1, between 5 and 8 PM. Your record book will be due at this time as well. Be creative with your record book and be sure to include pictures. This is your opportunity to showcase your project and let everyone see your hard work, dedication, and everything you have learned. Cages will be provided, but you are responsible for feeding and watering your chickens while they are at the fair. The poultry chain auction will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, October 6. All the proceeds will be used to purchase the poultry chain chicks for 2019. We hope you have enjoyed this project and want to participate again next year!

Alcorn County and Lee County Beef Show Participants

Lindsey Dunn

Cheyenne Hughes

Charli Beth Sheffield

Claire-Mann Taylor

Noah Sheffield

Cela-Cathryn Taylor

Bryson Knauer

Jade Hughes

Bryson Taylor

Sage Hughes

Hayden Taylor

Congratulations to all of our livestock show participants on all of your success! Good luck to all who are going to State Fair!

October 2019 Calendar

October 1: Dog Club Interest Meeting, 5:30 PM at Blue Springs Park

October 7: Enter fair exhibits

October 8-12: County Fair

October 12: Poultry Chain Auction, 9 AM at Fairgrounds

October 15: Dog Club Meeting, 3:30 PM at Blue Springs Park

October 16: Arts & Crafts Club, 4 PM at Extension Office

October 17: Cooking Club, 4PM

October 22: Grilling Class, 4 PM at Fairgrounds

October 23: Cloverbud Club Meeting, 4 PM at Extension Office

October 28: Sewing Club, 3:30 PM at Extension Office

Zach Yow,
Emily Cox,
238 Kaki Street
Iuka, MS 38852
(662) 423-7016

Please be sure to read your newsletters and let us know which activities you plan to participate in.

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