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4-H Youth Development

The 4-H ATV Safety program will educate ATV riders on the proper safety equipment and techniques. The program is for youth groups, parents, and the general public. Participants will learn proper ATV helmet use and fitting, proper safety gear for ATV’s, proper riding techniques and behaviors, and discuss environmental concerns regarding ATV’s. For more information contact Brad...Read more

The 4-H Livestock Quality Assurance program will increase food safety awareness by educating young producers of their role in this process and the importance of raising their livestock in an appropriate manner. The program is open to 4-H livestock exhibitors and their families. Participants will learn how to follow good production practices for the safe, healthy, efficient, and...Read more

Basic Introduction to Beekeeping will provide instruction on how to get started in beekeeping. It is for 4-H'ers ages 10 and up who want to learn how to keep bees and produce honey and beeswax. Participants will learn about personal protective equipment needed for beekeeping, how to order and size the correct beekeeping equipment from commercial suppliers, how to start and maintain...Read more

Beef Cattle Basics is a hands-on-learning opportunity that covers general basics of beef production for “new” farmers and/or 4-H'ers. Participants will learn how to determine breeding objectives for cow herds, how to build adequate fences and working facilities, how to develop a nutritional calendar for cow herds, how to select and market animals that meet their breeding objectives, and...Read more

Choosing a Flock of Backyard Poultry is a program for anyone with an interest in starting a backyard poultry flock, including young people involved with 4-H /FFA. It will provide participants with information on types of poultry and the purpose they serve (e.g. egg production, meat, a combination, or companion), as well as choosing the correct birds and the appropriate flock size to...Read more

The 4-H Cloverbud Robotics Curriculum with Dash program serves as a gateway to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for children in grades K-2 or ages 5 to 7 through building and programming robots. Children participating in this program will work together as a team to acquire life skills, learn to use a tablet to control a robot, and safely investigate and draw conclusions...Read more

The 4-H Cloverbud Robotics Curriculum with WeDo program serves as a gateway to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for children in grades K-2 or ages 5 to 7 through building and programming LEGO models. Children participating in this program will learn that a program is a sequence of instructions for the robot to follow, understand that robots are moving parts and need...Read more

The 4-H Cloverbuds program focuses on the development of children ages 5 to 7 by helping them become capable, competent, caring, and contribution citizens through an introduction to 4-H. Participants will:

  • develop self-understanding and confidence through positive and cooperative-based learning environments,
  • experience achievement through an age appropriate and
  • ...Read more

The 4-H College and Career Preparation program provides middle age students (grades 6 – 9) decision-making skills for investigating careers and college. Participants will learn about educational and professional requirements for various careers, the benefits and costs of postsecondary education, how to improve self-efficacy and agency in one’s path to success, and about the current and future...Read more

FARMtastic is an agriculture experiential learning activity for young people grades 2-4. This unique hands-on educational program will teach young people where food comes from, where clothes come from, and help them understand the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. For more information contact Dr. Julie White, Extension Associate II at:...Read more

The International Explorations program will create local and state experiential learning opportunities for participants ages 11 and above to engage with various aspects of foreign cultures and international systems. Participants will become aware of the interconnections of various international systems, increase their interest in global issues and cultures by engaging in a least six...Read more

Junior Master Wellness Volunteer program is a community health education leader training program offered through the MSU Extension 4-H program in partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and the UMMC/Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute. This program equips youth with health messages that help improve health literacy and lead to choices and lifestyle changes for a...Read more

The Junior Robotics with NXT-G program serves as a gateway to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for children ages 8 to 13 through building and programming LEGO models. Children participating in this program will build a REM robot, program a NXT robot, use advanced programming commands, make use of sensors in programming, and solve age appropriate research problems. To learn...Read more

The Keys to Community program is for young people ages 14 to 18 to help them understand how their county government operates, what their county government is trying to accomplish, how the actions of government affects their everyday life, and their personal responsibility to local government. Participants will develop an understanding of county government services, roles of county...Read more

The Leadership Skills You Never Outgrow will teach skills in seven different areas: understanding self, communication, getting along with others, learning to learn, making decisions, managing, and working with groups. Series One is for grades 3 – 6, Series Two is for grades 7 – 9, and Series Three is for grades 10 – 12. Participants will learn about themselves and how to communicate, how...Read more

MyPI is a comprehensive youth preparedness program designed for teens that includes Teen CERT (Community Emergency Response Team); an Add-On catalog that features technology tracks, career tracks, and CPR/AED certification; and a leadership and community service project. For more information contact Dr. Ryan Akers, Assistant Extension Professor at: cra20@...Read more

MS 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association (MVLA) was established to support youth development through 4-H. Additionally, it provides adult leadership development through forums and conferences held throughout the year. MVLA members receive information on how to improve their 4-H programs and have the opportunity to network and share real-life experiences with other volunteer leaders across...Read more

Poultry Biosecurity program is for poultry hobbyists, 4-H and FFA students, and backyard and small scale poultry producers. It will assist small poultry producers that are typically not aware of common and reportable poultry diseases, which can have a severe impact on their flocks and on the Mississippi Poultry industry. For more information contact Dr. Tom Tabler, Extension Professor at...Read more

Poultry Diseases is for anyone with an interest in poultry, including children and youth involved with 4-H/FFA. The program will provide information on the most common diseases that may affect backyard birds, symptoms, how they are spread, treatment methods, and prevention techniques. For more information contact Dr. Tom Tabler, Extension Professor at: t....Read more

Poultry Hatch-out is a program for 4-H''ers in grades K-1 that will teach children the importance of the poultry industry and its significance in food production. It includes a week-long project with a science-based curriculum focused on the egg-hatching process and poultry. For more information contact Jessica Benoit Wells at: j.wells@msstate....Read more

Poultry Nutrition is for individuals with a backyard flock or young people with a 4-H/FFA project (including 4-H Cloverbuds). Poultry Nutrition will focus on the composition of a balanced diet for backyard flocks and why a balanced diet is important to meat-type, egg-type, and dual purpose birds.  Topics covered will include: importance of nutrition to backyard flocks, differences...Read more

This program will describe how the cycle of life continues through the seed and show that understanding the value of a seed is the most important aspect of its survival. Participants will learn about seed identification of major field crops, forage seeds, weed seeds, and vegetables; the general structure of the seed; and how to evaluate seed quality and seeding vigor. For more...Read more

Ready in the Middle is a youth preparedness initiative designed specifically for youth ages 11 to 12 and their families in Mississippi. Participants will learn how to identify potential hazards; about hazard and risk mitigation; about individual, family, and community preparedness; about home safety audits; and about home hazard hunts. For more information contact Dr...Read more

Relationship Smart PLUS: Love U 2 is a healthy relationships program that helps teens learn about issues such as dating and teen violence. The program is open for young people ages 13 – 18 and will teach participants:

  • Knowledge of healthy and unhealthy relationships, healthy dating patterns in terms of using effective approaches to conflict management and
  • ...Read more

Safety Awareness with Equine will educate participants on general safety around horses and presents research-related data and information concerning helmet safety when horseback riding. This program is for equine enthusiasts and horseback riders. Participants will learn about the potential hazards and related safety issues with working with horses, and how to make decisions on safe practices...Read more

The 4­-H Shooting Sports Archery Discipline will teach the archery discipline to young people. Participants will learn about natural resources and related natural sciences by way of shooting, hunting, and related activities. This program will enhance youth development of self-concept, character, and personal growth through safe, educational, and socially acceptable involvement in...Read more

The Pillowcase Project, developed by the American Red Cross and sponsored by Disney, will teach students in grades 3 to 5 about personal and family preparedness, local hazards, and basic coping skills. Participants will learn basic knowledge of hazards and the ability to identify the best way to stay safe during emergencies, what to do in home fire emergencies, how to create an emergency...Read more

Walk-a-Weigh (Youth Audience) will educate clients about different strategies to implement or improve nutrition and physical activity habits for themselves and/or their family. This program is open to young people ages 10 – 18 and will teach participants how to increase fiber intake; monitor caloric intake; increase fruit and vegetable intake; limit excessive sugar, sodium, and...Read more

The Youth Forestry Education program will provide young people with an understanding of basic forestry. Participants will learn about the importance of forestry in sustaining natural resources and give them an appreciation of how forests benefit society. For more information contact Dr. John Kushla at

...Read more