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School is right around the corner! For those whose children are in schools with year-round schedules, the first day of class is coming up sooner rather than later. 

a closeup of a person taking $20 dollar bills out of a wallet

5 Tips to Manage Holiday Spending

November 13, 2023

If the gift-giving season is more stressful than cheerful for you, don’t panic. Get prepared! These tips can help you manage your spending this holiday season.

A woman stands in front of the stove with a bowl of Catfish Gumbo.

The Food Factor: Catfish Gumbo

November 8, 2023

Catfish doesn’t have to be fried to be delicious! Enjoy it simmered in this tasty gumbo to get the protein, vitamins, and minerals without the added fat from frying.

Red-Headed WoodPecker

Bird of the Month: Red-Headed Woodpecker

November 3, 2023

Many birds aren’t as easy to identify as red-headed woodpeckers. With their bright red head and neck feathers and loud pecking noise, they surely know how to make their presence known!

A person putting mulch on a flower bed.

November Landscape Checklist

November 1, 2023

We’ve almost made it to the end of the year. Isn’t that hard to believe? As we start to wrap up the year, take some time to think back on all you’ve accomplished in your yard and landscape.

A redbird sits on a platform bird feeder full of black oil sunflower seeds.

How to Choose a Bird Feeder

October 27, 2023

Want your feathered friends to have a supplemental source of food this winter? Set out a bird feeder for them. There are many types of bird feeders, but they are not all created equal. Check out the common types of feeders and decide which ones will work best in your yard.

Canned vegetables.

Canned vs. Fresh vs. Frozen Produce

October 26, 2023

When buying produce, there are several different routes you can choose––you can buy fresh, frozen, or canned.

Four jack-o-lantern pumpkins

How to Dispose of Halloween Pumpkins

October 20, 2023

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love having pumpkin carving parties with friends. Pair the night with apple cider and a bonfire, and it’s my ideal day!

A bowl of peachy green beans sits on the kitchen counter with a woman holding a serving size in a separate bowl.

The Food Factor: Peachy Green Beans

October 17, 2023

Peachy Green Beans can be made with frozen and canned produce if you’d like to give it a try in the fall or winter.

Man raking leaves

To Rake or Not to Rake?

October 16, 2023

To rake or not to rake? Some people believe you should rake up fallen leaves, while others think they shouldn’t be touched. So, what is the right answer?

A woman stands in a kitchen with various root vegetables on the counter.

4 Ways to Cook Root Vegetables

October 16, 2023

The sun is setting sooner, the nights are getting cooler, and some of our produce looks a little spookier. Don’t be spooked by fall produce, especially root vegetables. Try some of these tasty ways to prepare them!


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