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A-Z Directory -K

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Name Title Department Email Phone
Karisch, Brandi Asst Extension/Research Prof Animal & Dairy Science 6623257465
Keene, Thomas Area Extension Agent III MSU - ES Administration 601-545-6083
Kees, DeAndra Extension Agent I MSU Extension- Lamar County 601-794-3910
Kees, Glenda Office Associate MSU Extension- Lincoln County 601-835-3460
Kelly, Mary Business Manager I Forestry 6623258778
Kelly, Annie Office Associate MSU Extension- Noxubee County 662-726-5723
Kelly, Vickie Office Associate MSU Extension- Perry County 601-964-3668
Kelly, Patricia Administrative Assistant I Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion 662-325-3200
Kennedy, Sharon Office Associate MSU Extension- Winston County 662-773-3091
Kerr, Ashley Extension Agent I MSU Extension- Bolivar County 662-843-8361
Kilgore, Elizabeth Extension Agent II MSU Extension- Smith County 601-782-4454
Kim, Ayoung Postdoctoral Associate (L,P,S) Agricultural Economics 662 325 2750
King, Kelby Extension Agent I* MSU Extension- Jasper County 601-764-2314
King, Christy Extension Agent II* MSU Extension- Clarke County 601-776-3951
Kinslow, Melissa Extension Program Assistant MSU Extension- Wayne County 601-735-2243
Kleban, Debra Accounting Assistant Forestry 662-325-2949
Knight, Jennifer Extension Agent I MSU Extension- Jones County 601-428-5201
Knight, Ida Extension Program Assistant MSU Extension- Jones County 601-428-5201
Knight, Tristan Student Worker Plant and Soil Sciences 662-325-2311
Koester, John Student Worker Ext Ctr for Government & Comm Devel 662-325-3141
Koestler, Charlotte Office Associate MSU Extension- Warren County 601-636-5442
Kouba, Andrew Professor and Head Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture 662-325-3830
Kroot, Thomas Student Worker Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture 662-325-3830
Krutzfeldt, Tammy Intermittent Worker Extension Center for Tech Outreach 662-325-3226
Kushla, John Extension/Research Professor North MS Research and Extension Ctr 662-566-8013