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Information Sheets

Publication Number Title Filed Under Post date
IS1765 Disaster Relief: Managing on a Suddenly Reduced Income Basic Money Management, Disaster Relief April 14, 2014
IS1866 Housing - Your Top Priority When Your Income Drops Basic Money Management April 14, 2014
IS1417 There could be a "Pot of Gold" on your land Forest Economics, Forest Management April 14, 2014
IS0204 Pruning Landscape Plants Flower Gardens, Landscape Architecture, Trees April 14, 2014
IS0331 Control External Parasites of Poultry Poultry April 14, 2014
IS0372 Soil pH and Fertilizers Soils, Soil Testing April 14, 2014
IS0493 Pecan Production: Establishing an Orchard Nuts, Trees April 14, 2014
IS0643 Wood Ducks In Mississippi Wildlife, Waterfowl April 14, 2014
IS0776 Better Planning: Better Meals Food, Health, Nutrition April 14, 2014
IS0818 Why Leaves Change Color Trees, Forestry April 14, 2014
IS0830 Forage: Tall Fescue in Mississippi Forages April 14, 2014
IS0843 Forage: Bahiagrass - Mississippi's Summer Pasture Forages April 14, 2014
IS0845 Food Preservation - Selection, Use and Care of Canning Equipment Food April 14, 2014
IS0860 Forage: Bermudagrass Forages April 14, 2014
IS0871 Phosphorus in Mississippi Soils Soils, Soil Testing April 14, 2014
IS0894 Potassium in Mississippi Soils Soils April 14, 2014
IS0941 Design Plans for Hobby Greenhouses Lawn and Garden April 14, 2014
IS0977 Net Worth Statement Basic Money Management April 14, 2014
IS1038 Micronutrients in Crop Production Crops, Soils, Soil Health April 14, 2014
IS1294 Soil Testing for the Homeowner Soil Health, Soil Testing April 14, 2014