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Valentines Through the Seasons

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February 6, 2016
Valentine’s Day…….the season of LOVE. Don’t limit your affections for that special someone to just a single day. As a gardener, your love can bloom all year long. Planting gomphrena in the landscape symbolizes an unfading love. If you want to set off fireworks of love in your garden, then try Fireworks gomphrena, a 2010 Mississippi Medallion winner. The flowers are produced in prodigious numbers and are a long lasting hot iridescent pink that are sure to create colorful explosions all season long. A perfect love can seem like paradise. For the tropical summer garden, bird of paradise plants are a great choice, and they symbolize fervent devotion. The exotic flowers do indeed resemble a bird. Loves sees with the heart, and the heart-shaped leaves of Caladium show the abundance of your love. These plants are grown for their colorful foliage, including romantic reds and wedding day white, and every landscape has space for these plants. No plant symbolizes the warm and fuzzy feeling of love more than chenille Fire Tails. Commonly grown as an indoor plant, chenille hates cold and frigid behavior. But once all chance of frost is past, this full sun plant loves the hot and steamy summers in Mississippi. I don’t normally watch television for advice on love, but when I do….it’s Southern Gardening. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman.
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