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Southern Gardening offers weekly gardening tips for Mississippi growers interested in lawn, garden, flowers, and all types of horticulture. The show features Dr. Eddie Smith, a gardening specialist and Pearl River County coordinator with the Mississippi State University Extension Service.


Perennials as Annuals, April 2024

Perennials as Annuals

April 25, 2024

There are many perennial plants that grow throughout Mississippi that may act as annuals in central and northern areas of the state. Today Southern Gardening is at Rivers Greenhouse and Garden Center, let’s take a look at a couple of these gorgeous perennial plants.

Colorful Petunias, April 2024

Colorful Petunias

April 18, 2024

Spring is my favorite season of the year! Today Southern Gardening is back at Rivers Greenhouse and Garden Center admiring their awesome selection of petunias that will definitely provide a pop of color in the landscape. Let’s take a look at some of my new favorites.

Coleus, April 2024


April 11, 2024

Today, Southern Gardening is at Rivers Greenhouse and Garden Center in Brandon, MS admiring their great selection of coleus. Let’s take a closer look at some of these plants.

Calibrachoa Hybrids, April 2024

Calibrachoa Hybrids

April 4, 2024

Today, Southern Gardening is at Rivers Greenhouse and Garden Center in Brandon, MS looking at their awesome selection of Calibrachoa plants.

Container Thriller Plants, March 2024

Container Thriller Plants

March 28, 2024

Container thriller plants are an excellent choice for those looking to add a bit of excitement and height to their potted arrangements.

Southern Gardening Articles

A yellow upright bract has small white flowers.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

During my Southern Gardening travels across Mississippi, I have observed how plants grow differently across the state. For example, several perennial plants that typically grow in some areas act as annuals in other areas due to colder winter temperatures.

Blue flowers with white spots bloom above green foliage.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

Spring is my favorite season of the year as I enjoy the return of warmer days and the colorful blooms in gardens and landscapes. Among the many flowering plants that grace the spring landscape, petunias stand out as one of my favorites.

As nature bursts into life, now is the perfect time to visit your local nurseries and garden centers to acquire bright and colorful petunias.

Dark leaves with pink centers are edged in bright green.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

I have always been amazed at the diversity of colorful coleus plants. Their foliage offers a dazzling array of impressive hues and patterns. The most remarkable aspect of coleus plants is undoubtedly their vibrant leaves.

Four containers hold small, blooming plants.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

With their tall stems that proudly display a colorful array of flowers, calibrachoa hybrid plants are some of my favorite annual plants to use in the landscape. Their slender stems reach out gracefully, adorned with small, trumpet-shaped blooms that come in hues from fiery reds to soothing blues, and every shade in between. Each delicate flower carries its own unique pattern, adding an enchanting touch to their overall appearance.

Grassy plants grow in a container with flowers.
- Filed Under: Flower Gardens

Gardening, to me, is not just about planting pretty flowers or lush foliage. It’s about creating scenes, telling stories and evoking emotions. One way I like to add intrigue and drama to an outdoor space is by incorporating thriller plants. These captivating specimens serve as focal points and bring mystery and excitement to a landscape.

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