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Annual Containers

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April 9, 2016
Now’s the time to get out and pick up some great summer color to enjoy in containers. Here’s a few of my favorites that will be sure to please this summer season. One annual that many gardeners need to become more familiar with is bacopa. This is a continuous, long blooming plant that doesn’t require deadheading and is tolerant of droughty conditions, which makes it perfect for our Mississippi summers. Snowstorm Blue Bubbles has loads of lavender blue flowers and typical grows to about six inches tall and has a spread of 14 inches. Snowstorm Snow Globe is covered with snowy white flowers and has a spread of up to 20 inches. Mexican Mint Marigold, sometimes called Mexican tarragon, is a great warm weather performer producing dizzying amounts of sunny yellow flowers. Growing up to 24 inches tall this is a great addition to a container on the patio where the slightest touch will release its licorice-like fragrance. One of the must have annuals for your container garden has to be geraniums and their brilliantly colored flowers. These geraniums are part of the Americana series and are available in red, salmon, white and a pinkish violet. Pick plants with color just starting to peek out of the buds to increase the showy display at home. I love the soft textured foliage that releases its spicy fragrance when touched. Remember is maintain consistent moisture in the container to keep these flowering annuals looking good all summer. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.
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