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Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology and Plant Pathology

MSU Mailstop:
Mailing Address:
Box 9775
Mississippi State , MS
Physical Address:
103 Clay Lyle
Mississippi State , Mississippi


Name Job Title Email
Mr. Albert Cole Alexander Student Worker
Ms. Maliyah U. Alford Student Worker
Ms. Mari-Beth Baker Student Worker
Ms. Clarissa J. Balbalian Diagnostic Lab Manager
Mr. Dung Bao Extension Associate I
Dr. Nicholas Ryan Bateman Intermittent Worker
Mr. Winston Garrett Batson Student Worker
Ms. Amanda Coward Black Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Kathy J. Breland Administrative Assistant I
Ms. Sophie Reed Bruckmeier Student Worker
Ms. Sydney Danielle Bufkin Student Worker
Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Byrd Student Worker
Mr. Colby Brooks Carpenter Student Worker
Mr. Brenton Rees Carter Student Worker
Ms. Beverly Diane Catchot Research Associate I (L,P,S)
Dr. Angus L. Catchot, Jr. Extension Professor
Mr. Angus Lynn Catchot, III Intermittent Worker
Ms. Anna B. Chromiak Manager of Facilities & Res
Ms. Karen Alice Coats Extension Associate I
Mr. Edward Earl Cobb, III Student Worker
Ms. Lois Connington Extension Associate I
Mr. John Cameron Corbin Graduate Research Assist
Mr. Keiton Lanier Croom Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Whitney Desiree Crow Extension Associate I
Dr. Jeffrey F. Dean Professor and Head
Dr. Kristine Tischer Edwards Senior Extension Associate
Mr. Sigurdur J. Einarsson Student Worker
Mr. Walker Brett Farmer Student Worker
Mr. Preston Fleischmann Student Worker
Mr. Wesley Dean Frohs Student Worker
Dr. Jerome Goddard Extension Professor
Ms. T'Erika Danisha Green Student Worker
Ms. Cristina Elise Griffith Student Worker
Dr. John W. Guyton, III Associate Extension Professor
Dr. Jeffrey W. Harris Asst Extension/Research Prof
Dr. Alan Henn Extension Professor
Ms. Rachael Claire Irby Student Worker
Mr. John Andrew Jackson Student Worker
Ms. Marie Jeffries Business Manager I
Ms. Kyra Vershaun Johnson Student Worker
Mr. William Spencer Land Student Worker
Dr. Blake Layton, Jr. Extension Professor
Ms. Hetty A Layton Intermittent Worker
Ms. Breanna Lee Lyle Intermittent Worker
Mr. Justin Charles Malone Student Worker
Ms. Sarah Jean McInnis Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Sherry Parker McMullin Administrative Assistant I
Mr. Marvin E. Merkl, Jr. Program Manager
Mr. Joel Cary Moor, Jr. Graduate Research Assist
Mr. Andrew Joseph Moore Student Worker
Mr. John Hartley North Graduate Research Assist
Mr. Rhett Hayton Parker Student Worker
Mr. Samuel Eli Patrick Student Worker
Mr. Justin Bradley Perkins Student Worker
Mr. Anthony Douglas Pettit Student Worker
Ms. Marquita Jasmine Powell Student Worker
Ms. Haley Eleanor Rosiak Student Worker
Ms. Chaney Ann Ryan Student Worker
Ms. Lauren Denise Sanders Extension Program Associate
Ms. Audrey B. Sheridan Extension/Research Assoc II
Ms. Debbie Marie Smith Office Associate
Ms. Samantha Marie Sockwell Student Worker
Mr. Alfred Braden Taylor Student Worker
Mr. Michael Edward Temple Intermittent Worker
Mr. Benjamin Carroll Thrash Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Sharon T. Vaughan Accounting Assistant
Mr. Taylor Frederick Vaughn Intermittent Worker
Mr. Daniel Adam Whalen Graduate Research Assist
Mr. Austin Davis Whitley Student Worker
Mr. Joe Richard Wright, III Student Worker
Ms. Haley Kathryn Zetterholm Student Worker
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