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Termite University

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    Termite University group picture from, November 2023.
    Photo by J. Santos Portugal III, PhD, BCE

  • Dr. Blake Layton presenting at Termite University
    Photo by J. Santos Portugal III, PhD, BCE

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    Presentation slide from Dr. Portugal’s presentation on Drywood and Formosan termites.
    Photo by J. Santos Portugal III, PhD, BCE

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    Live Reticulitermes sp. subterranean termite workers displayed at Termite University.
    Photo by J. Santos Portugal III, PhD, BCE

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Termite University is a recurring 2-day event held on campus at Mississippi State University to provide training and recertification for termite technicians, pest control company owners and managers and other members of Mississippi’s structural pest control industry.  (10 training hours) 


Also approved for credit in AL, TN, LA, and AR

AL: Meeting ID 0009KK 10 credits (WDC, WDB)
AR: Approved for all structural pest cat. (1, 2, 3, 7, & 8)
TN: Course Number TDA-116271 Prgm. C07, C08, C10, and C12 all 11 points
LA: Recert. for structural licensees and technicians in Termite Control and WDIR

This training is co-sponsored by the Mississippi State University Extension Service’s Structural Insect Management Program and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Plant Industry in cooperation with the Mississippi Pest Control Association.

July 24-25, 2024  (Registration closes July 22, 2024)

Begins 9:30 AM, Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Ends 4:00 PM, Thursday, July 25, 2024

Location: Bost Extension Conference Center, Mississippi State University and Redd Termite Technician Training Facility, Mississippi Horse Park

Enrollment limited to 40 attendees
Registration Fee: $175, payable online by credit card or electronic check
(Includes on-site lunch, snacks, and morning coffee on both days)

Termite University Hat, Patch, UCB, and November 2023 agenda.
Photo by J. Santos Portugal III, PhD, BCE

If you are attending for recertification, be sure to provide your license/card number
If you have problems registering, please call 662-325-3226

Termite University agenda

Participants completing the webinar will receive a Termite University Training Certificate, a Termite University cap and shirt patch, and a USB drive containing relevant publications and information.

This training is also approved for Mississippi recertification credit in the following categories: Category WDI, (Wood-destroying Insects), or Registered Technician Card renewal. License or card must be expiring within one year to receive recertification credit.

Hotel Rooms: Starkville has numerous hotels located near the MSU campus.  Be sure to book rooms early as sporting events and other MSU events can result in limited room availability, even on weekdays. For more information on hotels and amenities in Starkville, please visit

Cancellation Policy:

Cancel 7 or more days before Day 1 of workshop to receive full refund.

May transfer registration to someone else up to Day 1 of the workshop (please email)

Email Dr. Santos Portugal:


Classroom Training: Bost Extension Conference Center, Mississippi State University

Day 1 classes begin at 9:30 AM in Theater of Bost Conference Center

Field Training: Redd Pest Training Facility at Mississippi Horse Park

Training facility is approximately 5 miles from Bost Extension Center

Benefits of participation in Termite University:

  • Recertification for wood-destroying insect category (if card expires within 1 year)
  • Training for new technicians
  • Training enhancement for experienced technicians, managers, and owners
  • Training for persons preparing to take structural insect pests licensing or permit exams

Topics Covered

  • Lab ID specimens
  • Termite identification and biology
  • Termiticide testing methods
  • Termite treatment regulations 
  • WDIR Inspections and Reporting
  • Pesticide safety
  • Tools and methods for control
  • Termiticide efficacy review
  • Field Training at Redd Pest Training Facility
  • Types of construction and how to treat
  • Volume calculations and graphs
  • Formosan termites and drywood termites
  • Wood-destroying Fungi
  • Wood-destroying Beetles

Questions about Termite University:  Contact Dr. Santos Portugal


Phone: 662-325-0972

Questions about Registration/Payment: Contact MSU-ES Center for Technology Outreach

Phone: 662-325-3226

Future Termite University Dates:

To be arranged

Resources and Literature:

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A small brown insect has long, white wings.
Filed Under: Termites April 12, 2024

Invasive Formosan subterranean termites were first found in the state 40 years ago, and soon, these dangerous pests will swarm and threaten unprotected structures in about one-third of Mississippi’s counties.
Santos Portugal, Mississippi State University Extension Service urban entomologist, said Formosan termites typically swarm in the millions from early May to early June. They have the ability to infest and significantly damage structures much more quickly than native subterranean termites.

Black and white, labeled drawing of a winged termite and winged ant.
Filed Under: Household Insects, Termites, Pests March 13, 2024

House and building owners must be on high alert each spring as structures face dangerous attacks by swarms of both native and introduced termite species.

Native, subterranean termite species have started swarming in late February in South Mississippi to early March in more northern areas. The non-native, invasive and very damaging Formosan subterranean termite begins swarming in some parts of Mississippi in May.

A man stands outside a structure.
Filed Under: Termites September 29, 2022

The word “termite” strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners because this insect is the most economically damaging pest in Mississippi, is very common and requires constant vigilance. Blake Layton, entomologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said the cost of termites is so large that it is hard to pin down.

Success Stories

Nine men and women stand in front of a metal building.
Volume 5 Number 2

A dream of the Mississippi Pest Control Association and the Mississippi State University Extension Service is coming true after more than 20 years, thanks to a generous donation by one of Mississippi’s oldest pest-control companies.

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