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Seed Tech Short Course

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July 2, 2019

Announcer: Farm and Family is a production of the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

Amy Myers: Today, we're talking about the Seed Technology Short Course. Hello, I'm Amy Myers, and welcome to Farm and Family. Today we're speaking with Dr. Daniel Chesser, Mississippi State University Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Bioengineering Department.

Dr. Chesser, the Seed Technology Short Course, tell me what is this all about.

Daniel Chesser: Thanks for having me. We want our listeners today to know about the Seed Technology Short Course. This is our 2019 short course, and the theme of the short course this year is From Field to Bin. It'll be held on the campus of MSU at the Bost Extension Center on Tuesday, August the 13th, and Wednesday, August the 14th.

Amy Myers: So who comes to the Seed Technology Short Course?

Daniel Chesser: The primary audience for our short course is going to be our seed industry technologists and seed industry professionals, but the short course information will also be useful to scientists, to seed producers, to crop consultants, and really anyone that wants to learn about seed technology and seed production fundamentals.

Amy Myers: And what will they learn here at this tech short course?

Daniel Chesser: The short course will, of course, be an interactive lecture-based event. So there'll be time at the end of each presentation for questions and answers. This year's short course entitled From Field to Bin will focus on industry topics and walk through that seed industry value chain on topics related to early stages of seed production.

Some of our session topics will cover seed maturation, physiological maturity. We'll talk about pre-harvest and harvest management for seed production. We'll get into harvest machinery settings and calibration, post-harvest handling techniques and equipment that goes along with that. We'll also address principles of seed drying, aeration maintenance, bulk storage systems, and we'll discuss the automation and sensor technologies available to manage these systems.

We'll touch on post-harvest storage pest management. We'll get into seed damage through harvest handling and storage and basically how to mitigate seed damage and in support of maximizing that seed quality. We'll touch on grain bin safety and rescue training techniques. We'll talk about some of the NRCS programs and pollinator plantings. We'll get into seed certification, seed sampling, seed grading, seed quality evaluation and testing, and to wrap up day two, we'll also discuss federal and state seed laws and USDA requirements for seed tracking.

Amy Myers: Is there anything else that you'd like to add like about sponsors or special guests? Is lunch going to be provided or anything like that?

Daniel Chesser: The short course registration fee is $100 this year, and that includes the short course lecture sessions and printed materials, also includes breakfast and refreshments on both days. Lunch will be provided from Mr. Charlie's Catering on both days, and we'll have steak dinner social on that Tuesday evening. That'll be prepared by our own MSU Collegiate Cattlemen's Association. Short course information and registration can be found online at our registration website and that's We do recommend that people preregister for the short course, but registration can be handled the day of the short course there on August 13.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available for the short course. Currently, our sponsors include Delta Ag, Bluff Farm Supply, and LMC Manufacturing. Sponsors can request a table or a booth space for display at the short course. Logos will feature prominently on our promotional materials, our printed materials, and also graphic displays at the short course. Information on how to become a sponsor of this year's short course can be found, again, online.

Amy Myers: When and where will this event be held and where can we go for more information?

Daniel Chesser: Sure. So just to sum up, the 2019 MSU Seed Technology Short Course entitled From Field to Bin, will be held on the campus of MSU at the Bost Extension Center, Tuesday, August the 13th, and Wednesday, August 14th. To register for the short course or for more information on core speakers, program agenda, lodging information, sponsorship opportunities, go to

Amy Myers: Okay. That's the Bost Extension Center at Mississippi State in Starkville, right?

Daniel Chesser: That's correct.

Amy Myers: All right. Thank you so much. Today, we've been speaking with Dr. Daniel Chesser, Mississippi State University Assistant Professor in Agricultural and Bioengineering. I'm Amy Myers, and this has been Farm and Family. Have a great day.

Announcer: Farm and family is a production of the Mississippi State University Extension Service.

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