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Report Swarming (Flying or Winged) Termite

a drawing of termite and carpenter ant with the differences shown.

There are at least 8 species of termites in Mississippi. Reproductive, winged swarmers of these termites will emerge in large numbers to go on mating flights during specific times of the year based on species, environmental conditions, and other factors. To better understand where and when termites swarm, we need help from Mississippi residents. If you encounter live, swarming (flying or winged) termites in Mississippi, please submit an online report (see below).

Note: you will not receive a response from this submission. For information on how to submit samples for identification, please visit There is no charge for Mississippi residents.

For more information on termites in Mississippi, please visit the Mississippi State University Extension Termites page. Also, please see “Protect Your House From Termites (P2568)” and “What Homebuilders Need to Know About Termites (P2765)”.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Santos Portugal at

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A small brown insect has long, white wings.
Filed Under: Termites April 12, 2024

Invasive Formosan subterranean termites were first found in the state 40 years ago, and soon, these dangerous pests will swarm and threaten unprotected structures in about one-third of Mississippi’s counties.
Santos Portugal, Mississippi State University Extension Service urban entomologist, said Formosan termites typically swarm in the millions from early May to early June. They have the ability to infest and significantly damage structures much more quickly than native subterranean termites.

Black and white, labeled drawing of a winged termite and winged ant.
Filed Under: Household Insects, Termites, Pests March 13, 2024

House and building owners must be on high alert each spring as structures face dangerous attacks by swarms of both native and introduced termite species.

Native, subterranean termite species have started swarming in late February in South Mississippi to early March in more northern areas. The non-native, invasive and very damaging Formosan subterranean termite begins swarming in some parts of Mississippi in May.

A man stands outside a structure.
Filed Under: Termites September 29, 2022

The word “termite” strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners because this insect is the most economically damaging pest in Mississippi, is very common and requires constant vigilance. Blake Layton, entomologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said the cost of termites is so large that it is hard to pin down.