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Healthy Lifestyle Volunteer

Ad for Master Health Volunteer with a blue inverted triangle with a heart in the middle and in the middle of the heart is a green hand.The Healthy Lifestyle Volunteer is associated with the Master Health Education Volunteer Program.  The goal of this program is to train volunteers from within the four counties participating in the Get Healthy, Trim Down Delta project to give educational presentations related to reducing and preventing obesity.

Volunteers are required to participate in a training course to sufficiently prepare them to give presentations to the community.  After receiving the training, volunteers agree to give 20 hours of service back to the community.  Participants in the program are given packaged presentations that can be used to educate the citizens about different topics dealing with obesity. 

Presentation topics are:

  • Portion Size Control
  • Standing woman in blue and white blouse talks to two seated people at a table.Eating Out Smart
  • Healthy Eating On a Budget
  • Basic Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Starting and Sustaining Walking Programs


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