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Field Scale Crop Assessment Drone Videos

Stand Counts with Drones

This video shows how software improvements provide ways for drones to provide real-time analysis of fields, included assessing the number of stand counts.



Video Scouting: Finding Value in UAVs

This video shows ways that UAVs can help in Field Scale Crop Assessment.


Greensnap Assessment Using Drones

Using drones for greensnap assessment.

Looking for Herbicide Burn with Drones

Using drones to look for the herbicide burn in crops.

Looking for Maturity Stage with Drones

Using drones to look for the maturity stage of a crop.

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Blackberries growing.
Filed Under: Fruit, Planting February 16, 2024

Looking to plant a fruit plant on your property but not sure which to choose? May we suggest blackberries! Blackberries are among the easiest fruit plants to grow, and they produce tasty berries that are perfect for baking!

A map shows plant hardiness zones in Mississippi.
Filed Under: Planting, Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens January 18, 2024

Gardeners careful to select plants that thrive in their area have an updated U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map to use.
Released in late 2023, the zone map features an updated chart that was previously drawn in 2012. Much of Mississippi is now in zone 8b. This zone has average low winter temperatures of 15–20 degrees.

Combine driving on the road.
Filed Under: Farming, Farm Safety, Safety and Regulations September 15, 2023

It’s harvest season, and you’re likely to see large farm equipment on the roads, whether that be bright green combines, red tractors, or anything in between.

Success Stories

A smiling woman wearing a blue shirt stands next to and rests her arm on a red piece of machinery.
Volume 8 Number 1

Since 1994, she’s worked for Buck Island Seed Co., a business her brother co-founded with two other men in the same year. The company performs custom seed cleaning, treating, and blending for rice, soybeans, wheat, oats, and triticale, a small grain. Booth also raised various row crops with her husband on their Tunica County farm until his death in 2020. She now rents out the land to a producer who grows soybeans, corn, and triticale.

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