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P3247 Creating an Evergreen Swag Community, Floral Design, Flower Gardens 07-12-21
P3249 “The Process” of Archery 4-H SAFETY 08-08-18
P3250 Unlocking the Language of the Wild Turkey 4-H SAFETY, Wildlife Youth Education, Wildlife 06-21-18
P3251 Floral Design with flowers & Zinnias Community, Floral Design, Flower Gardens 08-27-18
P3251 Floral Design with Sunflowers and Zinnias Cut Flowers and Houseplants 07-06-21
P3252 Stock (Matthiola incana) for the Farmer Florist Commercial Horticulture, Community, Floral Design, Flower Gardens 08-27-18
P3253 How to Design a Closed-System Terrarium Cut Flowers and Houseplants, Floral Design 09-05-18
P3254 2018 Legislative Session Summary City and County Government 06-21-18
P3255 Tips for Overseeding Annual Ryegrass or Small Grains into Perennial Warm-Season Pastures in the South Grasses 07-23-18
P3256 2018 Soybean Variety Suggestions Soybeans 09-05-18
P3257 2017 Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Summary Soybeans 08-30-18
P3258 2017 Soybean Maturity Group IV RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response Soybeans 08-30-18
P3259 2017 Soybean Maturity Group V RR/RR2/RR2X Variety Response to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Soybeans 08-30-18
P3260 Baleage Production Tips Forages 08-07-18
P3261 Food as a Business Food Safety 09-05-18
P3263 Tailwater Recovery and On-Farm Storage Reservoir: Nutrient Runoff Mitigation and Reuse Potential Farming, Irrigation, Natural Resources, Environment, Water 08-30-18
P3264 Herbicide Options for Mixed Pine-Hardwood Management Forest Management 10-19-18
P3265 Green Antelopehorn Milkweed Tolerance to Right-of-Way Herbicides Crops, Weed Control for Crops 08-28-18
P3266 Controlling White Wild Indigo (Baptisia alba) in Forages Forages, Weed Control for Forages 08-23-18
P3267-1 Mississippi Economic Well-being and Poverty Economic Development, Extension Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy 03-30-21