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Dairy Production and Center-Pivot Irrigation Systems

  • Publication Number: P3122
    Filed Under: Irrigation, Dairy
    Publication Type: Publications

Planning for a New Commercial Vegetable Business

Amur honeysuckle

On-Farm Water Storage Systems and Surface Water for Irrigation

Soybeans 2019 Planning Budgets

Cotton 2019 Planning Budgets

Rice 2019 Planning Budgets

Corn, Grain Sorghum, and Wheat 2019 Planning Budgets

Responding to Farmers in Need

  • Publication Number: M2287
    Filed Under: Farming
    Publication Type: Miscellaneous

Disposal of Agricultural Waste Pesticides in Mississippi

How Much Water Does Your Evaporative Cooling System Need?

Growing Pine Needles and Timber

Understanding the Mississippi Agritourism Limited Liability Law

  • Publication Number: P3002
    Filed Under: Agri-tourism
    Publication Type: Publications

Water Works with Extension From the Ground Up

  • Publication Number: M2182
    Filed Under: Irrigation, Water
    Publication Type: Miscellaneous

Surge Irrigation

Irrometer Watermark Series: Irrigation Triggers