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Recycle Right! Know the Basics

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Residential Materials Accepted by Local Government Recycling Programs*

Usually Accepted by Local Programs

*Accepted materials vary by location. Contact your local government for details.

Materials usually accepted by local programs include soda cans, newspaper, mail, magazines, brown paper bags, cardboard, cereal and similar boxes, aluminum cans, plastics with the 1/PET symbol (like disposable water bottles and grocery bakery containers), and plastics with the 2/HDPE symbol (like household cleaner bottles and milk jugs).

  • Clean, empty, and unbagged materials ONLY.
  • Look for plastic labels 1 and 2 on materials.

Not Accepted by Local Programs

Materials that are not accepted include toilet tissue and paper napkins, candy packaging, styrofoam cups and plates, chip bags, food, syringes and latex gloves, light bulbs, and disposable plastic cups and utensils.


Plastic grocery bags do not go in recycling bins! Instead, drop these off at local grocery stores. Contact stores for details.


Glass bottles, paper cartons, and aluminum pans are sometimes accepted by local programs.

Publication 3913 (POD-06-23)

By Sherry Bell Surrette, PhD, Associate Extension Professor, Central Mississippi Research and Extension Center.

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