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Kudzu (Pueraria lobata)

Plant Characteristics: Deep-rooted perennial with large, hairy leaves and twinning vines bearing reddish to purple flowers in a raceme.

Establishment: Kudzu is rarely planted. Its heavy crowns make it very invasive. It is considered a prohibited noxious weed meaning that seed cannot be sold or transported for establishment purposes.

Fertilization: It is tolerant to low fertility and acidity. Fertilization program is not recommended.

Grazing/Hay Management: Kudzu can be used for grazing (continuous or rotational) or hay production. Seasonal productivity occurs between May and October with yields ranging from 2 to 4 tons/ac. When grazing, rotational grazing is recommended to maintain stand. Kudzu can also be harvested for silage, but the silage is light and difficult to manage.

Forage Quality: Kudzu has forage quality similar to alfalfa. Protein content is about 15 to 18% and TDN is about 60 to 65%.

Varieties/Cultivars: n/a

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