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Why are my young watermelon leaves crinkled and pale?

Young watermelon plants should be medium green and grow rapidly. Plants which are pale green and have crinkled true leaves are most like suffering from manganese toxicity. Manganese is an essential element for plant growth, but too much available manganese in the soil can cause the plants to stop growing. The problem is closely linked to soil pH. Anytime the soil pH is less than 5.5, there is a potential for manganese toxicity to develop. The cure is to test each field before planting and apply lime to fields with a pH less than 5.5. Once the young plants display symptoms, it is too late to cure the problem.

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Ruined watermelons lie in a muddy field.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Watermelon Cantaloupe and Cucumber, Watermelons July 21, 2021

One month ago, watermelon production in southeast Mississippi was on track. Now, growers there have lost much of their crop to the summer’s wet weather.

Two watermelons on the vine.
Filed Under: Watermelon Cantaloupe and Cucumber June 15, 2021

RAYMOND, Miss. -- Watermelon production is on track despite cool weather at planting.

“I’ve been in our watermelon fields a good bit over the past several days,” Heath Steede, Mississippi State University Extension agent in George County, said on June 9. “The crop looks really good. We had a slow start with the cool nights this spring, but they caught up later. The watermelons are stacked in there, and we’ll have a good crop as far as the number of melons.”

Continuous rains, however, have Steede a little concerned.

A watermelon lies in the vines in a field.
Filed Under: Agriculture, Crops, Commercial Horticulture, Watermelon Cantaloupe and Cucumber, Watermelons June 5, 2020

Good spring weather conditions in southeast Mississippi kept watermelon production on track.

Four large, ripe watermelons lie among vines in the field.
Filed Under: Watermelon Cantaloupe and Cucumber, Watermelons June 21, 2019

Some Mississippi watermelon producers lost crops or got a late start because of wet spring weather. But consumers should find the sweet, summer treats on shelves in time for the July 4 holiday.

A sliced, ripe watermelon sits on a table outdoors.
Filed Under: Watermelon Cantaloupe and Cucumber, Watermelons, Vegetable Gardens June 19, 2018

Choosing a ripe watermelon at the market is easy if you know what to look for.  (Photo credit: Jonathan Parrish/Cindy Callahan)


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