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Can I grow Vidalia onions in Mississippi?

To be named Vidalia onions, they must be grown within 75 miles of Vidalia, Georgia, by federal law. However, sweet onions can be grown in Mississippi, which are just as good as Vidalia onions. Three keys to sweet onions are variety, soils, and stress.

The pungency in onions is governed by sulfur containing compounds:

  1. Growing a variety of onion which does not accumulate sulfur such as grano or granex types.
  2. Growing onions on soils which are low in sulfur.
  3. Allowing the onions to be stressed for water or nutrients during the growing season will produce a sweet onion.
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RAYMOND, Miss. -- Produce growers, packers, industry suppliers and others can learn the requirements of the new federal Produce Safety Rule during one of three upcoming workshops around the state.

Turban squash is a popular, hat-shaped variety that Native Americans grew. The bulb-like top makes a good fall decoration with its bizarre shape and multicolored stripes. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Gary Bachman)
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MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Just as Good Friday signals the time to get the spring garden in the ground, August's heat is the indication that it's time to plant the fall garden.

David Nagel, horticulture specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said now is the time to plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, sweet corn, peas and beans.

"Summer gardens typically wind down in early August when the temperatures start being consistently above 95 degrees," Nagel said. "That's when you clean the garden out and plant the fall garden."


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