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Garden Plan (Sample)

20 x 50 feet

1,000 square feet—Row 1 is located 12 inches from the edge of the garden, and all rows are 36 inches apart. Rows are 20 feet long.

Spring Planting

Summer Planting

Fall Planting

Row Vegetable Date   Vegetable Date   Vegetable Date
1 Onions plants Feb.-March   Bush Lima Beans June-July   Spinach Sept-Oct.
2 Cabbage plants Feb.-March   Bush Lima Beans June-July   Beets/Chard Sept.-Oct.
3 English Peas Jan.-Feb.   Cucumbers May-June   Mustard Sept.-Oct.
4 English Peas Jan.-Feb.   (leave unplanted)     Cabbage Aug.-Sept.
5 Lettuce Feb.-March   Summer Squash May-June   Cauliflower Aug.-Sept.
6 Beets/Chard Feb.-March   (leave unplanted)     Turnips Sept.
7 Mustard/Turnips Feb.-March   Southern Peas May-June   Carrots Sept.
8 Broccoli (plants) Feb.-March   Southern Peas May-June   Lettuce Sept.
9 Bush Snap Beans March-April   (leave unplanted)     Broccoli Aug.-Sept.
10 Bush Snap Beans March-April   (leave unplanted)     Broccoli Aug.-Sept.
11 Bell Pepper/
Eggplant (plants)
12 Tomato (plants) April-May            
13 (leave unplanted)     (leave unplanted)     Cucumbers Aug.
14 Sweet Corn March-April   (leave unplanted)     Bush Snap Beans Aug.
15 Sweet Corn March-April   (leave unplanted)     Bush Snap Beans Aug.
16 Sweet Corn March-April   (leave unplanted) July-Aug.      
17 Okra April-May         Collards Oct.



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Publication Number: P1091
Publication Number: P2364
Publication Number: P3076


Rows of bagged items line the shelves in a store.
Filed Under: Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens May 10, 2021

With the summer season fast approaching, I’ve been getting questions about fertilizing, primarily concerning the types of fertilizer and how much to use.I’m glad to get these questions because garden and landscape plants need fertilizer to keep them healthy and growing. Fertilizing at planting helps trees, shrubs and flowering plants get established. It also promotes shoot and root growth, flowering, and optimum fruit and vegetable harvest.

A basket holds an assortment of red, yellow and green peppers.
Filed Under: Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens May 3, 2021

The month of May signals that it’s time for me to start planting culinary peppers in my home garden.

Freshly mowed lawn.
Filed Under: Lawn and Garden, Flower Gardens, Plant Diseases, Trees, Vegetable Gardens April 29, 2021

As warmer weather creeps in, many people find themselves spending more time outdoors and working in their yards. If you’re like me, you’ve probably made a trip or two to your local garden center looking for plants and other garden necessities. After reading over May’s garden checklist, it looks like you may need to make a few more trips. Here are some tasks to check off this month. 

Plants grow from wooden boxes that have an overhead, curved pipe system.
Filed Under: Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens April 28, 2021

Mississippi’s long growing season means potential gardeners have until at least July to start growing vegetables, but the state’s ideal gardening climate also means weeds and pests are constant threats. Gardeners often grow flowers in containers to add pops of color and spots of greenery in otherwise unworkable areas, and they can be equally successful using containers to grow vegetables.

A single, green cucumber hangs on a vine.
Filed Under: Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens April 5, 2021

If you read this Southern Gardening column frequently, you realize that I grow much more than pretty flowers in my home garden. Besides ornamental plants, I love to grow vegetables that my wife and I can enjoy for dinner.


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