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When traveling with your child in a car, it is necessary to properly secure your child in a car seat. Proper fit in a car seat can prevent injuries during an accident. There are important guidelines and requirements to consider when selecting a car seat. These include not only the child’s age, but also the weight and height of the child. Listed below are some guidelines to follow when securing your child in a vehicle.

As families limit trips to the grocery store, they can use their freezers to preserve more than just meat, fruits and vegetables.

Dairy products and eggs also can be frozen.

Frozen foods sit in the freezer.

When it feels like every aspect of life is changing daily because of the COVID-19 pandemic, even the calmest person can be overwhelmed.

Working from home can be a big source of stress, as balancing family and job responsibilities is intensified by social distancing and other protective measures.

A young mother grabs her head in frustration while working from home on a laptop computer as her baby looks on.