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School of Human Sciences

MSU Mailstop:
Mailing Address:
Box 9745
Mississippi State , MS
Physical Address:
171A Lloyd-Ricks-Watson (255 Tracy Drive)
Mississippi State , Mississippi


Name Job Title Email
Dr. Christopher Ryan Akers Associate Extension Professor
Mr. Patrick Eleazar Boone Intermittent Worker
Mrs. Cassie Courts Brunson Extension Associate I
Ms. Re-C Carter Extension Instructor
Ms. Emilie Claire Cox Intermittent Worker
Dr. Marina D' Abreau Denny Assistant Professor
Dr. Laura H. Downey Associate Extension Professor
Mr. Jeremiah S. Elliott Business Manager II
Dr. Lori Dean Elmore-Staton Associate Professor
Ms. Sherry Fisackerly Administrative Assistant I
Dr. Alisha Marie Hardman Assistant Professor
Ms. Sarah McCarty Huerkamp Intermittent Worker
Ms. Lori Jones Irvin Extension Associate II
Ms. Cynthia D. Mills Office Associate
Dr. Michael Newman Professor and Director
Mr. David Nichols, II Program Assistant
Mr. Matthew Oswald Intermittent Worker
Dr. Julie C. Parker Associate Professor
Ms. Jacqueline Ann Parker Intermittent Worker
Ms. Morgan Kelli Peeples Intermittent Worker
Dr. Donna Jean Peterson Associate Extension Professor
Dr. Jenna Schilling Extension Associate III
Ms Megan Elizabeth Searcy Office Associate
Ms. Cheyenne Eunice Simmons Intermittent Worker
Ms. Alexandra Elaine Simmons Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Mary A Stokes Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Allison Grace Story Graduate Research Assist
Ms. Jamila B. Taylor Director, Head Start & EHS Prg
Ms. Melissa Lewis Tenhet Instructor & Director, CDFSC
Mr. George Peyton Thrash Intermittent Worker
Ms. Adrienne V. Washington Business Manager I
Mrs. Julie Broussard White Extension Associate II
Ms. Tracy Lynn Wilcox Administrative Assistant I
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Staff Development, Extension Planning and Evaluation

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