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Publication Number Title Filed Under Updated Date
P3196 Using the MSU Tree Risk Assessment App Forestry April 16, 2018
P3195 Minor Pests of Honey Bees in Mississippi Beekeeping, Insects-Pests February 14, 2018
P3184 Why Do You Need Anti-Virus Software? Technology, Family February 8, 2018
P2599 It's All About Beans! Food, Health February 9, 2018
P3185 Invasive Species in Pasture Systems: Chinese Tallowtree Forages, Invasive Plants February 6, 2018
P3194 Economic Contributions of the MS Seafood Industry by Major Species in 2015 Seafood Economics February 13, 2018
M2238 Help Clean Up the Beach 2017 Environment, Marine Resources January 25, 2018
P3183 Brooder Elevation Is Important When Heating Broiler Houses Poultry January 25, 2018
P3179 Grading Hardwood Trees: A Guide to Identifying Stem Quality in Hardwood Stands Trees, Forestry January 25, 2018
P3180 Vertebrate Pest Control in the Home Garden and Landscape Lawn and Garden, Nuisance Wildlife and Damage Management January 22, 2018
P3178 Development of Biomass Best Management Practices for Mississippi Biofuels, Forestry January 26, 2018
IS1656 Economic Contribution of the Mississippi Blueberry Industry, 2002 Agricultural Economics January 18, 2018
IB0527 Mississippi Peanut Variety Trials, 2017 Peanuts January 18, 2018
P3182 Landowner Interest in Natural Resource Conservation Practices Natural Resources, Forestry January 9, 2018
P3175 Common Diseases of Tomatoes Plant Diseases, Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services January 10, 2018
IB0525 Mississippi Grain Sorghum Hybrid Trials, 2017 Grains December 20, 2017
P3170 Peanuts 2018 Planning Budgets Agricultural Economics, Farming December 19, 2017
P3173 Alternative Markets for Generating Forest Income Forest Economics December 15, 2017
P3177 Transitioning Land from Expired CRP to Forage Production Forages December 15, 2017
P3176 Assessment of Ecosystem Service Value and Program Delivery Natural Resource Conservation: Landowner Goals and Concerns Natural Resources, Forestry December 15, 2017