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Publication Number Titlesort descending Filed Under Updated Date
p2592 4-H Insect Identification Study Guide for Junior 4-H'ers Youth Projects, Insects, Insect Identification March 14, 2018
P0317 4-H Introduction to Entomology 4-H, Insects, Insect Identification February 11, 2016
P1425 4-H Member's Guide to Project Work 4-H, Volunteers, Youth Projects August 22, 2018
P1277 4-H Member's Handbook 4-H September 9, 2016
P0990 4-H Officers Handbook 4-H March 7, 2017
P0900 4-H Poultry Judging Youth Poultry February 8, 2017
P2665 4-H Shooting Sports Journal Shooting Sports January 29, 2016
P2751 4-H Shooting Sports State Invitational Rulebook Shooting Sports May 7, 2018
P1566 4-H Shooting Sports: Three-Position Rifle Shooting Shooting Sports January 28, 2016
P2576 4-H State Fair Coloring Book Youth Projects April 11, 2016
P2206 A Hunter's Guide to Aging and Judging Live White-Tailed Deer in the Southeast Wildlife, White-Tailed Deer May 20, 2016
P2659 A Landowner's Guide for Wild Pig Management Practical Methods for Wild Pig Control Swine, Nuisance Wildlife and Damage Management September 21, 2016
P2348 A Quick Reference Guide to Wholesale Nurseries and Commercial Sod Producers Commercial Horticulture December 1, 2015
P2415 After the Storm: Building a Strong Family Disaster Response, Family Dynamics March 28, 2016
P2416 After the Storm: Building a Strong Marriage Disaster Response, Family Dynamics March 28, 2016
P2676 Agritourism in Mississippi: Effects and Impacts Agriculture, Agri-tourism September 16, 2016
P2713 Agronomic Suitability of Bioenergy Crops in Mississippi Biofuels, Agricultural Economics December 11, 2015
P2636 American Sycamore As a Biomass Species Wood Products September 16, 2015
P2720 An Introduction to Managing the Family Forest in Mississippi Forestry November 18, 2015
P1826 Annual & Perennial Flowers For Mississippi Gardens Flower Gardens January 23, 2017