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Publication Numbersort ascending Title Filed Under Date
E0039 2009 County Cotton Demonstration Trials Cotton 08-13-15
E0038 2010 Cotton Maturity Guide Cotton 11-06-14
E0022 Midsouth Multistate Evaluation of Treatment Thresholds for Tarnished Plant Bug in Flowering Cotton Cotton, Insects-Crop Pests 11-06-14
E0021 Wood Pellets - An Introduction to their Production and Use Environment, Marketing, Wood Pellets 01-21-16
E0020 Common Beneficial Arthropods Found in Field Crops Agriculture 09-17-14
E0019 CLEARFIELD Rice Agriculture 11-06-14
E0018 Data Compilation for Conservation Effects Assessment Project: Yalobusha River Watershed, Final Report Agriculture, Environment 01-27-16
E0017 Rice Improvement Through Technology and Education Annual Report 2006 Program Agriculture 09-17-14
E0003 EC HealthNet Health Care Provider Survey Community, Food and Health 09-17-14
E0002 EC HealthNet Analysis of Healthcare Coverage Community, Food and Health 09-17-14
E0001 EC HealthNet Strategic Planning Retreat Community, Food and Health 10-20-15
8507 Wooden Planter Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8413 Tree Planting Details for Large and Small Trees Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8320 Gazebo Plans with Railing Patterns Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8305 Shadow Box Fence (Horizontal Pattern with Brick Columns) Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8230 "Wrought Iron" Wooden Fence Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8229 Brick Mowing Edge Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8222 Shadow Box Fence (Horizontal Pattern) Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8220 Entry Gate Landscape Resources 01-23-17
8219 Wooden Arbor Landscape Resources 01-23-17