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Publication Numbersort descending Title Filed Under Date
P3289 Newcastle Disease in Backyard Chickens Poultry 06-13-19
P3290 Dry-Cow Therapy: Choosing the Best Protocol for Your Dairy Dairy 11-19-18
P3291 Dry-Cow Therapy: Aseptic Infusion Dairy 11-19-18
P3292 Village Chicken Production in Rural Africa Poultry 06-13-19
P3293 Combatting Bed Bugs in Broiler Breeder Houses Poultry 06-13-19
P3294 5 Ways to Grow Your Local Foods Business with Facebook Local Flavor 01-11-19
P3295 2019 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn 11-21-18
P3296 2018 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions Wheat 11-21-18
P3297 Green Ash Disorders Plant Diseases and Nematode Diagnostic Services, Trees, Forestry 12-18-18
P3298 White Ash Disorders Plant Diseases, Trees 12-20-18
P3299 DIY: Yarn Bow String Silencers 4-H SAFETY, Youth Projects 12-10-18
P3300 Factors to Consider Before Planting Longleaf Pine Trees, Forestry, Longleaf Pine 12-10-18
P3301 Snapdragon for the Farmer Florist Floral Design 05-07-19
P3302 Recognizing Sapsucker Damage in Yard Trees Landscape Management, Landscape Plants and Trees Diseases, Trees, Nuisance Wildlife and Damage Management 04-06-21
P3303 The Great Red Snapper Count Depletion Studies Marine Resources 01-30-20
P3304 Safety Awareness in Mississippi 4-H Horse Programs Youth Livestock, Youth Horse, About Extension, Equine, Leadership, Children and Parenting 07-29-19
P3305 Deer Processing to Minimize CWD Risks (without removing internal organs) Chronic Wasting Disease, White-Tailed Deer 12-19-19
P3306 2017 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn 12-18-18
P3307 2018 MSU Corn Hybrid Suggestions Corn 12-18-18
P3308 2017 MSU Wheat Variety Suggestions Wheat 01-03-19