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Publication Number Title Filed Under Datesort descending
P3377-85 Congressional District 2 Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-86 Congressional District 3 Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-87 Congressional District 4 Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-90 Veterans Admin Profile Coastal Region Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-89 Veterans Admin Profile Delta Region Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-88 Veterans Admin Profile Northeast Region Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-91 Veterans Admin Profile Southwest Region Economic Development 07-19-19
P3377-54 Oktibbeha County Veterans Admin Profile Economic Development 07-19-19
P3100 Leadership Tips: How to Ask the Right Questions to Get Meaningful Answers About Extension, Leadership 07-29-19
P3091 Understanding and Addressing Conflict: Extension Agents as Facilitators About Extension, Leadership 07-29-19
P3066 Benefits and Challenges of Reusing Broiler Litter Poultry 08-08-19
P2888 Best Foot Forward: Helping 4-H'ers Create Dynamic Presentations 4-H 08-12-19
P1288 Leadership-Committees Leadership 08-13-19
P0711 Looking at Leadership Leadership 08-13-19
IS1951 Prepare Poultry Houses for Cooler Weather Poultry 08-20-19
P2749 Broiler House Ventilation During Cold Weather Poultry 08-20-19
P2383 Feeding Quail Poultry, Wildlife, Northern Bobwhite Quail 08-20-19
IS1952 Maintenance Critical to Backup Generator Reliability Poultry, Disaster Preparedness 08-20-19
P3367 The Asian Longhorned Tick: A New Invasive Tick Species in the Eastern U.S. Insects-Human Pests, Insects-Pet Pests, Pests 09-20-19
IS1697 Children Need Help Coping with Disaster Disaster Response-Youth, Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Response, Children and Parenting 10-02-19