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Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials 2015

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Updated: September 9, 2016
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There has been a proliferation of soybean varieties in recent years, and many good varieties are available to Mississippi producers. No single variety is superior, but in some situations, there are varieties that are more specifically adapted than others. Selecting a variety for planting requires knowledge of disease, nematode, and herbicide reactions, as well as the yield performance of each variety on a particular soil type. In many cases, planting the proper varieties will make substantial differences in yield and profitability on a farm. Proper management, including adequate lime, fertilizer, and weed control, is required to produce high yields of any variety, but yields may be limited, even under good management, unless the proper varieties are planted.

Soybean variety trials were conducted at eight locations in 2015 (see map). Commercial seed companies were given the opportunity to enter varieties for testing. Seed of all private entries were supplied by the participating companies. Public varietieswere selected by the Technical Advisory Committee for evaluation at each location. The experimental design at each location for each maturity group was a randomized complete block, with three replications of each entry.

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