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Publication Number Title Filed Under Datesort descending
5143 Bull Pen Dairy 09-28-15
P2433 The Budget Game 4-H, Youth Financial Literacy 10-05-15
E0001 EC HealthNet Strategic Planning Retreat Community, Food and Health 10-20-15
P2663 Vermicomposting for the Mississippi Gardener Soils, Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens 10-20-15
P2827 The Plant Doctor - Black Spot, Cercospora Leaf Spot, and Powdery Mildew of Roses Flower Gardens, Plant Diseases 10-20-15
IS0844 Forage: Alfalfa Production Forages 11-05-15
5920-A 200 Head Beef Feedlot Beef 11-05-15
6342 Super Calf Hutch (See Beef Section For Illustration) Beef 11-05-15
P2426 Mississippi Beef Cattle - Producer Guide to Coping with Drought Conditions Beef 11-05-15
P2836 Brix Level in Your Forage: What Does It Mean? Forages 11-16-15
P2856 Center for Technology Outreach - Course Book Technology 11-16-15
M0994 Extension Volunteer Program Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers, Inc. Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers 11-17-15
M1321 Leadership Plenty - Equipping Citizens to Take Civic Action Leadership 11-17-15
M0244 The Organized Public Speaker - You Leadership 11-18-15
M0949 Coastal Zone Impacts of the Dockside Casino Industry Marine Resources 11-18-15
M2051 Robot Rally Lift-Off STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math, Technology 11-18-15
M2052 Robot Reading Rally STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math, Technology 11-18-15
P2837 Leadership Opportunities in the 4-H Livestock Program Leadership, Youth Livestock, 4-H Livestock Program 11-19-15
IB0502 MS Corn for Grain Hybrid Trials 2015 Corn, Grains 11-24-15
IB0500 MS Wheat and Oats 2015 Wheat 11-24-15